Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering, Design and Consulting

MC Squared provides practical and economical geotechnical and foundation design recommendations through the extensive experience of our staff from advanced data gathering to engineering analysis. Through the use of advanced technology to the practical engineering common sense, we deliver value-added services to the design team to make the project possible and successful. Our principals worked on thousands of engineering projects in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and throughout the region, witnessing the implementation of their design recommendations to successful construction.

Our project expertise is in the following areas:


  • Pre-development and siting.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Development of scope of services.
  • Field exploration and data gathering.
  • Laboratory analysis and data validation.
  • Alternate foundation analysis and economic study.
  • Foundation construction recommendation.
  • Value-engineering and post design services.
  • Lake Restorations and Enhancements.
  • Seismic analysis.
  • Geologic hazards analysis and design.
  • Geophysical explorations and analysis.
  • Earth slope stability and retaining structures.
  • Earth and Rock tunnel analysis and design.
  • Earth instrumentations.
  • Pile driving analysis and failure analysis.
  • Drilled shafts design and inspection.
  • Effluent disposal and Hydrological modeling.
  • Ground water monitoring plan and modeling.
  • Rock mechanics.
  • Soil dynamics.
  • Sediment Studies.


Typical Projects we successfully completed range from simple to complex in the following areas:

  • Commercial and vertical development
  • Roadway and bridges
  • Watershed studies
  • Water & wastewater plants and pipelines
  • Solid Waste & Landfill projects
  • Power generation and utility corridors
  • Dams and impoundment analysis
  • Waterways and Port Dredging
  • Tunnels