North Deicing Provided Engineering Services and construction materials testing and inspection for the construction of an aircraft apron and supporting facilities to provide a minimum of five unobstructed narrow-body deicing positions on the north airfield with the capability of deicing ten aircraft per hour. The project includes approximately 580,000 square feet of new apron pavement, approximately 100,000 square feet of pavement repairs, demolition of existing utilities and construction of new utilities, a 1.5 M gallon underground storage vault for spent glycol run-off, product storage tanks for Type I and Type IV glycol and diesel fuel, heaters for water, pumping facilities, and truck loading and unloading stations.
Provided Geotechnical Engineering and pavement design recommendations as well as construction materials testing and inspection for Taxiway B and C and C-130 Apron. Concrete testing, beam testing, straightedge/smoothness testing & compaction tests.
Provided Geotechnical Engineering Services for the reconstruction of approximately 2650 linear feet of Taxiway A from the north end of Runway 17/35 to the intersection with Taxiway B, the extension of Taxiway A from Taxiway B in a southern direction towards Taxiway E, and Pavement Reconstruction for the Airport Fire Station.
Provided Geotechnical Engineering Recommendations for the Air Carrier removal and replacement of approximately 4.1 acres of existing apron to the east and north of the Terminal and Airport General Aviation Apron, the project includes the removal and replacement of approximately 9.35 acres of existing pavement to the east and north of the Terminal.
Provided engineering services including materials testing of soils, concrete and asphalt. Specific testing included limerock base, subbase and subgrade, embankment, pipe and conduit backfill and concrete field testing.
Provided geotechnical engineering and foundation recommendations for the structures included in the upgrade for Gates 88 through 90.
Provided geotechnical evaluations and recommendations and materials testing and inspection for the rehabilitation of approximately 8000 LF of runway, including the installation of underdrains.
Provided geotechnical investigations and recommendations for a new 35,000 SF warehouse and associated support facilities including an outdoor storage area, parking areas and a stormwater retention pond.